Guide for Microsoft Power BI Certification

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  • 06 Mar, 2024
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Guide for Microsoft Power BI Certification

How can I get Microsoft Power BI Certification cleared?

You can go through this guide to get an idea about the steps you should follow to get the certification completed after completing the Microsoft Power BI Course from Asquare Technologies. Many students from Asquare Technologies were able to clear this exam with good scores.

What are Certifications

Certificates are awarded on completion of academic courses by Education Boards & Universities, in a similar way certifications are awarded by certain professional organizations on completion of certain courses & assessments designed specifically according to job roles. The certificates which you earn through educational boards are for your lifetime whereas the certifications will have an expiry date as the technology keeps changing rapidly. You have to keep earning them according to your job requirements helping you to keep growing professionally.

Why Certifications

The market is tough & is getting tougher with time. And the chance of getting a high-paying job at a good companies is at stake. You have to stand out of the pack to get picked. Certifications tell that you have acquired the skill set required for a particular job role, giving you a high chance of placements as the certifications are designed according to industry standards.

PL300 Exam

PL300 exam is designed by Microsoft to earn a certification as a Data Analyst Associate. PL300 exam measures your ability to perform the roles of a Data Analyst. It examines your various skills like Preparing the data, Importing the data from different sources, cleaning and Transforming the imported data, Modeling the data, Visualizing & Analyzing the data, preparing the dashboard presenting the insights of the data, deploying & maintaining its integrity.

How can I get the certification?

To earn this certification, you should have enough knowledge & have hands-on experience in preparing reports & dashboards. A bit of experience will make it easier to crack the PL300 exam. You can schedule the PL300 exam at

All the information on the PL300 exam is provided in the above link. It’s a paid exam by Microsoft. It will provide you with all the study modules required for the exam. You can study on your own or you can choose an instructor-based study which again costs a certain amount. Based on your knowledge & capability you can choose either way. Read & complete all the modules by taking a small knowledge designed in the module. It will help you a lot to crack the exam.

Even you will take a mock test before you take an actual one just to make you aware of the exam pattern. Otherwise, a real exam will be a bit tougher compared to a mock test. So, better prepare well & sit for the exam. You can choose a center-based exam or online. Online exams will require certain requirements which you need to pass while you register for the exam just like the system on which you are taking the PL300, your internet connection will be checked, you need to mention from where you are taking the exam – home/Office, provide valid ID proof, etc.

They will connect you through mail-id provided by you. A proctor will be assigned to monitor your exam, read the instructions carefully & follow them without fail, or else your exam may be ruled out. On completion, on the spot, the result will be announced on the screen. Later you can download the certificate through the link they send you in your mail. Please read the steps given there properly and download your certification which will boost the confidence in you to apply for the designated job roles. I have tried to provide the information to the best of my knowledge. Hope it helps you to achieve more. All the best.

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