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Welcome to Our Cutting-edge Courses in Analytics, Data Science, and Cyber Security! Empower Your Career with Our Comprehensive Courses in Analytics, Data Science, and Cyber Security – Tailored for Fresher Graduates and Working Professionals! Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, our courses are designed to propel you toward success in Analytics, Data Science, and Cyber Security. Enroll now and unlock the doors to a future of opportunities!

Power BI Implementation Project

Asquare Technologies has completed various Analytics Project for Middle East and APAC Customers.

Our Team at Asquare Technologies has Successfully Completed a Power BI Implementation Project for BMA Capital Corp at UAE – Dubai to implement the real estate asset management software which shall track the performance of real estate assets via various dashboards, i.e. investment dashboard, operational dashboards and financial dashboards.


Popular Topics To Learn

7 Courses
Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Tools Generate critical insights and share them through dashboards, reports, and other interactive visualizations.

2 Courses
Oracle Technologies

Oracle Database offers market-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security, both on-premises and in the cloud.

2 Courses
Business Intelligence Tools

It provides centralized data access and calculation, essentially creating a large pipe through which anyone can consume any information in any form anywhere in the enterprise.

3 Courses
ETL Tools

Informatica PowerCenter is a widely used extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tool used in building enterprise data warehouses.

3 Courses
Business Analytics

Analyzing that data to identify trends, patterns, and root causes. Making data-driven business decisions based on those insights.

5 Courses

The cloud is the Internet—more specifically, it's all of the things you can access remotely over the Internet.


100% Career Guidance to Students

Ensuring 100% Career Guidance to students involves a comprehensive approach aimed at empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to make informed decisions and achieve success in their chosen career paths
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From Trainee to Trailblazer

Celebrating our successful journey from learning to earning

Amit P Rejimon

Amit P Rejimon

Pearlsoft Global Solutions - Power BI Developer , Cochin
Roshini S

Roshini S

Pearlsoft Global Solutions - Power BI Developer , Cochin

Amal Varkey

BI Developer - Geojith Cochin
Albert Johnson

Albert Johnson

BI Developer - Genpact Pune


BI Developer - Geojith Cochin

Chirag Jayakumar

BI Developer, Vodafone, Pune


Software Developer, UST, Cochin

Mebin Mathew

Business Analyst, DXC Technology, Bangalore
sudha-e1655750813470-300x290 (1)


BI Developer, Peruteck Technology Services, Chennai


System Engineer, Infosys, Bangalore

Nikhil P Jose

Power BI Developer, Polester Solutions & Services India , Noida

Rohit Menon

Consumer Marketing and Revenue Analyst, Meredith, Bengaluru

Abin K Ninan

Business Analyst, Feathersoft , Cochin

Vahida Humayoun

Associate Projects, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kochi

Karthika Radhakrishnan

Data Analyst, UST, Kochi

Sreerag Warrier

Software Developer, EY, Cochin

Gayatri Nair

Senior software Engineer, Gadgeon Smart Systems, Bangalore

Athira Krishna

Business Analyst, Mauritech, Bengaluru.

Mallesh HG

Data Analyst, HCL Technologies , Bangalore

Varun CV

Data Analyst, Intern

Roji Thankachan

Data Analyst, PearlSoft Technologies, Cochin

Silpa M

Data Analyst, Pearlsoft Technologies, Cochin

Athira Raj

Data Analyst, Pearlsoft Technologies, Cochin

Merin George

Business Analyst, UST Global, Cochin

Athira Mohan

BI Analyst, Infosys, Bangalore

Negeena Humayoun

Managed Services, SoftIt Infrastructure Services

Fathima Shiju

BI Developer, Software Infrastructures Services, Cochin

Unnikrishnan S

Datamate - BI Engineer Cochin

Sujith P

BI Developer - Datahub Technologies R&D PVT LTD


BI Developer - Nest Digital

Sharanya V

Consultant Power BI-Tiger Analytics, Bangalore
asquare-placements-Associate-Operations Specialist-Tryzens

Abhinav Anil

Associate Operations Specialist-Tryzens, Trivandrum Technopark
bindhiya mani
bindhiya mani
30 May 2024
I have done a study course from Dubai with Asquare technologies for Business Analytics and my tutor was very helpful in understanding the concepts.I was able to get all required information with utmost clarity from the staffs.Thank you Asquare technologies for all assistance during my learning time.
Sreelakshmi S
Sreelakshmi S
30 May 2024
I had done Power Bi and SQL from Asquare Technologies. It was a good experience. Our tutor Naziya Ma'am had supported a lot. If we have any queries or concerns also,it get resolved very quickly. I very much recommend this institution to others also.
vidhu k
vidhu k
29 May 2024
I recently had the pleasure of receiving training from Asquare after completing BBA , and I must say that the experience was truly exceptional. The training was comprehensive, engaging, and expertly delivered by knowledgeable instructors who were passionate about sharing their expertise. I got placed as a business analyst.
Muhammed Huzain
Muhammed Huzain
29 May 2024
Great atmosphere! Excellent faculties I suggest this institute for all the power bi knowledge seekers ! All the best
Shaik Thanveer
Shaik Thanveer
24 May 2024
Hi, Myself Thanveer and i was undergoing a Data Analytics Programme with Asquare. Within a short time of span with help of teachers like Naziya i was able to complete my studies in Sql & powerbi which later on helped me to deliver a Resource Deployment Dashboard in my company i am currently working. Hatsoff to Naziya Mam for her excellent 👏 teaching. Her method of teaching with unique and eye catching examples is what students like me crave for to understand things easier and deeply inside each data management/ visualization tools.
akshay krishnan
akshay krishnan
23 May 2024
The business analytics course at Asquare Technologies offers a comprehensive and well structured curriculum that effectively blends theoretical concepts with practical applications. The faculty is knowledgeable and provides valuable industry insights, ensuring students are well-prepared for real world challenges. The institution also offers excellent support services and resources, including state of the art facilities and access to relevant software tools. Overall, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a solid foundation in business analytics. Thanks to Ashiq Sir and Shajitha Miss for helping me in different ways and supported me to overcome from the fears i had and gives me more confidence to move forward.
surya krishnan
surya krishnan
20 May 2024
I recently completed a Data Analytics course and it was a great experience. The class was well-structured and provided a comprehensive understanding of data analytics principles and practices. The trainer Sreeja miss was excellent, friendly and always ready to help with any questions. Overall, I highly recommend Asquare Technologies for anyone looking to gain a solid foundation in data analytics.
joel thomas
joel thomas
20 May 2024
I had a really good experience doing my PowerBI course in Asquare Technologies.. The faculties here are really friendly and helpful. They give us the best training and internship opportunities. All thanks to Ashik sir and Sreeja Ma'am for their support. 👍
Amal abi
Amal abi
17 May 2024
I recently completed the cybersecurity course at Asquare Technologies, and I must say it was an outstanding experience. The course content was comprehensive and covered a wide range of essential topics in cybersecurity. The teaching style was particularly effective; the instructors were knowledgeable, approachable, and adept at making complex concepts easy to understand. Their hands-on approach and real-world examples greatly enhanced my learning experience. I gained a lot of practical skills that I can apply in my career. Overall, I highly recommend Asquare Technologies for anyone looking to advance their knowledge in cybersecurity.
Adarsh Adr
Adarsh Adr
10 May 2024
Recently completed my certification.Good,talented and friendly staffs and tutors.Even coming from a non technical background I was able to get into the field of Bi Developer.The tutors Sheela mam and naziya mam are very understanding and friendly to clear all doubts.

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