Data Analytics Course in Kochi

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  • 02 Nov, 2023
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Data Analytics Course in Kochi

Who is a Data Analyst?
A data analyst is a person who collects, processes, and analyses data in order to assist organizations in making data-driven choices. They analyze various sorts of data, such as numbers, statistics, and other information, in order to unearth insights, trends, and patterns that can be used to inform company strategy and decision-making.

Opportunity for a Data Analyst
Data analysts have good job possibilities in a variety of industries, where they may use their abilities to promote data-driven decision-making, process improvement, and organizational strategic success.

Industries looking for business analysts
Finance and Banking
Information Technology
Energy and Utilities
Transportation and Logistics
Media and Entertainment
Aerospace and Defense
Real Estate

How to Become a Data Analyst?

  1. Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Join a job-oriented Data Analytics Course

Asquare Job-oriented Data Analytics Course
Asquare Technologies course structure helps all the candidates to understand Data Analytics in an easy manner with lots of practical expertise a candidate will gain at the end of our Course.

The course module starts with the below topics,

We are starting the course with Fundamental Excel Concepts for a 1-week program to make sure that all the candidates get hands-on Excel basics, to begin with the analytics skills.

Microsoft Excel is a versatile and powerful tool that offers a wide range of benefits for data management, analysis, and decision-making, making it essential software for professionals in various fields.

Once the candidates are fine with Excel Fundamentals, we will be starting with 2 weeks of Oracle SQL Fundamentals with DBMS (Database Management system) concepts to understand all the DDL, DML, and TCL Commands a developer should know.

This module will give a candidate a basic idea about a database, fundamentals on why SQL Language is important and when it should be used, and so on. If a candidate is really interested in learning more about Oracle SQL, we will be sharing some more references and finally, a small assignment will be completed by each candidate at the end of the SQL Course.

Now starts the real game of Analytics with good visualization skills each candidate can showcase with a knowledge-sharing session on Business Intelligence Concepts / Data warehouse concepts. Every person willing to switch their career to Analytics should be aware of all the Warehouse concepts before starting with Microsoft Power BI or Tableau Data visualization sessions. Once the DWH Concepts are clear we will start with the basics of Power BI sessions with Excel as the data source and go ahead with more advanced Excel data, Different types of visuals, and covering all the other concepts a Power BI Developer should be clear about. DAX knowledge is important for a developer to create new measures based on the business requirements. Going forward use AI visuals, Bookmarks, slicers, security, Data refresh Dashboard creation, and so on. The Power BI Training will give a candidate a thorough hands-on experience, and interactive sessions from our experts. Once the training is over all the candidates are supposed to submit an individual project presentation on the respective business domain each candidate is interested in.

Python is widely used in data analytics for tasks such as data cleaning, manipulation, visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning, thanks to its rich ecosystem of libraries and tools.

Why Asquare Technologies?
✅ISO 9001:2015 Certified
✅Affiliated To SKILL INDIA (NSDC)
✅Training By Experienced Professionals
✅Live Interactive Sessions
✅Mentorship for soft skills improvement
✅100% Placement Assistance
✅Project work and Review from Experts
✅Mock Interview program from Industry Experts
✅Internship Program for Live Project Experience

Certifications :
1. NSDC Certificate after Successful completion of Training
2. Completion Certificate from Asquare Technologies.
3. Internship Completion Certificate.

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