Salesforce Development

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Salesforce Development



Course Name: SFDC Developer Course
Duration: 6 Full Days
Course Name: Build Applications Programmatically on the Salesforce Platform
Code: DEX450
Duration: 48 Hrs.
Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce in Lightning Experience


Are you a programmer who wants to understand how to customize applications
programmatically on the Salesforce platform? In this course, you will learn the core of the
Apex programming language and Visualforce markup in order to customize your Salesforce
applications. You will get hands-on experience building data objects (sObjects) and
programmatically retrieving, manipulating, and storing the data associated with those
objects. You will write custom logic using Apex triggers and classes, and test that logic using
the built-in testing framework. You will explore how Apex code interacts with declarative
customizations on the platform, and the nuances of working on a multi-tenant platform. You’ll
then examine common techniques for designing solutions in Apex. These activities will
culminate in an exercise building a complex trigger that takes advantage of the declarative
aspects of the platform. You will get hands-on experience writing Visualforce pages to
customize your user interface

Who should attend

This course is designed for programmatic developers who are new to the Salesforce
platform, who need to be able to write programmatic customizations to both the business
logic and user interface layers using Apex and Visualforce.


 Good knowledge of Java programming (including Object Oriented Programming).
 Fundamental knowledge of Oops (Object Oriented Programming).
 HTML, CSS and JavaScript Programming (Web development).
 Knowledge of RDBMS and SQL database triggers.
 Knowledge of best practices in Java.

When you complete this course, you will be able to

 Create and modify objects using the declarative interface
 Write business logic customizations using Apex triggers and classes. Those
customizations will use SOQL and DML.
 Design programmatic solutions that take advantage of declarative customizations
 Describe how your trigger code works within the basics of the Save Order of Execution
 Describe some of the fundamental aspects of designing programs on a multi-tenant
 Write Visualforce markup and code to customize the user interface
 Use the built-in testing framework to test Apex and Visual forces.

Mode of Training.

1. Day -1 Pre Assessment will get Conducted
2. Day – 3/6 Mid Assessment will get Conducted
3. Day- 6/12 Post Assessment will get conducted
4. Every Day Session will be started with revising the previous Day topics
5. Knowledge Checks / Quizzes will be conducted once the topics gets completed
6. Every Day activities or assignments will be given to the participants as Home
7. Training will be conducted as per Certification perspective.
8. Will cover at least 35 scenarios as part of the course
9. Session would be more Hands-on and Scenario based



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  • Duration15 Hours
  • Students421
  • Lessons89
  • Skill levelExpert
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Quizzes0
  • CertificationsYes
  • Pass Percentage80%
  • Deadline25 Dec, 2023